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  • Valve Actuator
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  • Part-Turn Type
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Industrial Machine Division

Controlling the Valves of the World

For a half century, we have continued to provide the valve actuators and gate drivers that play an important role in guiding the water, electricity, gas, oil, and other energy sources that are essential in our lives, and we have largest market share in Japan.
In recent years, we have taken up challenges in new fields by proposing system solutions that meet customer needs in response to demand for new installations and updates.
Emergency gate-closing systems and valve actuator control systems using Profibus communications enable simplification of the site operation panel and reduced.

Advanced Systems and Management
for Delivering Top-Class Quality

The valve actuators that are widely used in essential equipment are products of the most advanced production systems. Each part used in these products is manufactured with advanced traceability management, and our major components are made in Japan.
We incorporate the highest quality standards at every stage of the production process.

Intelligent Valve Actuator Semflex® A Series

Semflex®A Series

Featuring a revolutionary compact design

A sensor (resolver) with superior environmental resistance is used in the position detector, which is the primary component of the valve actuator, for enabling stable control even under harsh environmental conditions. A PLC function is also provided as standard, and independent Semflex® operation is also possible for simplified control. This is ideal for the plants that need to save space.

Emergency Gate-Closing Systems Semflex® LP Series

Semflex®LP Series

Also Available for Emergencies Such as Disasters

The Semflex® LP Series for Gates enables emergency closing or release of waterway gates when an earthquake or tsunami occurs or for preventing drainage of polluted water from factories. Even if the power supply is cut off, the backup battery in the actuator enables lowering of the gate using its own weight through remote operation to protect the environment from factory drainage.

Application Examples