Product Information

Semflex®-C Series

Electric Chain-Type Gate Actuator
Trim appearance (Small lightweight compact)
Epoch-making small lightweight and compact design (1/2 or less of mass, compared with our products)
The footprint is minimized with its appearance damaging no beauties of environment.
 All the cables in machine are built in. (With no exposure to the outside)
Quick opening/closing (3x of open/close speed, programmable))
In case of emergency blocking, high-speed operation is possible.
While opened, it operates slowly (0.3 m/min) at first, then at high speed (1.0 m/min).
 While it is closed, a high-speed retry and flushing are possible as standard.
Easy maintenance (reducing life-cycle costs)
Oil replacement point centralized, 1/10 of waste oil amount, eco-design
Reliability based on 1/5 of parts is improved significantly. (Example of LP30)
Simple ubiquitous (with web operation function added optionally)
It can be operated immediately by only supplying power. (It is integral with control devices as standard.)
It has excellent expandability in the all-in-one design.
Also the Web remote operation function can be added and installed easily. (Available optionally)

Semflex®-C Series


  • Compliance
    Compliant with Dam & Weir Equipment Engineering Standards (Draft)
    Compliant with Hydraulic Gate and Penstock Engineering Standards
  • Function
    Electric opening/closing function
    Overload protection function
    Reliable braking function based on double braking mechanism
    Descent-under-self-weight function
    Control panel with heat shield plate
    Tamper-resistant locking device included


Item Ganged Type
Independent Synchronized Type (One Side)
C100W C200W C300W C50S C100S C150S
Open/Close Capability(kN) 100 200 300 50 100 150
Open/Close Speed Electric(m/min) 1.2 0.58 0.37 0.95 1.21 0.67
Manual(cm/30rev) 0.91 0.45 0.29 1 0.91 0.53
Motor Output (kW) 3 1.5 3
Manual Operation Force(N) 97 99 99 83 97 87
Minimum Descending Force(kN) 20 40 60 10 20 30
Descent-Under-Self-Weight Speed(m/min) 3 or less 1.5 or less 1 or less 3 or less 3 or less 1.5 or less
Sprocket P.C.D(mm) 270.47 270.47 315.5 196.28 270.47 315.5
Chain size 240-1 240-2 280-2 160-2 240-2 280-2
Operating Temperature(°C) Environment temperature: -10°C to +50°C (Space heater effective conditions)
Protection Structure Outdoor type IP55(JIS C9020 IEC529),The control panel is watertight even while it is opened.
Power Supply Three-phase AC200V/220V,50/60Hz
Main Body Mass(kg) 1365 1865 2315 515 965 1265

*The dimensions and shape are subject to slight change without notice.