Product Information

LEC Series

Electric Gear-Rack-Type Gate Actuator
This LEC series, which is delivered to many different customers including rivers, chemical/steel plants, electric power companies, and government offices, can be manufactured as the manual type or electric type of 13.7 kN to 400 kN. Even after delivered as the manual type, it can be modified into the electric one, thereby reducing initial costs.

LEC Series


  • Operation
    Just pulling the lever toward you and returning this trigger a descent under its own weight and a stop respectively.
  • Function
    Descent-under-self-weight function included
    Tamper-resistant lock included (handle and descent-under-self-weight lever)
    Overload protection device included for electric operation and manual operation
    A control panel integral with the actuator can be attached.
    The manual type can be modified into the electric type.


Item LEC-1S LEC-2S
Specifications Common to Manual/Electric Types Open/Close Capability(kN) 13.7 19.6 29.4 49.0(39.2) 98.0(78.4) 196(156) 300 400
Descending Force(kN) 20 to 70% of open/close capability
Descent-Under-Self-Weight Speed(m/min) 4 or less (Varying with descending force)
Rack Driving Count Independent Independent/Ganged
Buckling Limit Length(cm) 400 400 450 550 550 600 724 627
Material SUS304
Manual Operation Force(N) 100 or less
Open/Close Speed (cm/30rev) 15.1 12.0 7.1 3.5 1.8 1.0 0.477 0.471
Ambient Temperature(°C) -10~+50 (However, descent-under-self-weight excluded)
Protection Structure Outdoor type IP55(JIS C9020 IEC529)
Specifications Common Among Electric Sections Electric Motor(kW) 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.4(0.27) 0.75(0.55) 1.5(1.1) 2.2 2.8
Main Body Mass(kg) 190 200/260 260/330 340/480 505/810 1640/2480 3280 3295

*Note 1: Those in parentheses show the values based on Dam & Weir Equipment Engineering Standards (Draft). * For the independent type compliant with Dam & Weir Equipment Engineering Standards (Draft), it is up to 156 kN.
*The dimensions and shape are subject to slight change without notice.

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