Product Information

Manual Type LBH Series

Manual Valve Actuator with Ease of Handling
This is an actuator that can be used under severe environments, such as a valve, a dam, and a reservoir, because it has simple and totally-enclosed structure, and also its positioning accuracy is high.

Manual Type LBH Series


  • High Airtightness
    It has totally-enclosed structure, and O-rings are used in through-shaft sections and joint surfaces.
  • Double-Sleeve Structure
    It has double-sleeve structure with stem nut and sleeve, allowing easy replacement of stem nuts.
  • Auxiliary Mechanism for Startup Incorporated
    A hammer-blow clutch is attached to ease a startup.
  • Abundant Options
    The all-stainless-steel type, the underwater type, the submersible type, and others are available.


Protection Structure IP68(standard)

Type Allowable Torque
Allowable Thrus
Allowable Valve Rod Diameter mm Main Body Mass
Inside Screw Type Outside Screw Type
LBH-08 750 100 40 42 50
LBH-1(A) 1000 120 50 52 71(76)
LBH-2(A) 2250 250 60 70 93(98)
LBH-4(A) 3750 350 80 90 140
LBH-6(A) 6500 500 95 100 210

*(A): Spur gear 1-step reducing mechanism (option)
*The dimensions and shape are subject to slight change without notice.

  • Sales Agency in Japan

  • enetork This is a sales distributor of transmissions in Kyushu and Yamaguchi regions.It mainly serves as a sales agency for Seibu products.
  • Technical Partner Outside Japan

  • 西電興産株式会社 This is a manufacturer of valve actuator with a top share in South Korea.
  • Wonder Chance Machinery Industrial Co.,LTD This is a manufacturer of valve actuator with a top share in Taiwan.
  • 九品股份有公司 This is a manufacturer of gate actuator with a top share in Taiwan
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