Product Information

Seibu-Standard Control Panel

Standard Control Panel (Mounted/Self-contained)
The Seibu-standard control panel can be mounted on all our electric actuators. Mounting the control panel realizes a compact and standardized machine.


  • Savings in Labor and Space Realized
    Since the control panel is mounted on the main body, initial costs including its footprint can be reduced.
    Since it is possible to install wiring and check for its operation prior to shipment from the factory, wiring and adjustment on the spot are not required.


Control Panel Specifications Simple Type Standard Type Compliant with Dam & Weir Equipment Engineering Standards (Draft)
Cabinet Made of steel plate
Made of steel plate Made of stainless steel
Shield Plate Without Shield Plate Steel plate
Separate Placement Post type available (optionally)
Coating Specifications Power coating (manufacturer’s standard) Baked coating (Munsell 5PB6/8)
Use Environment Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Main Control Equipment Relay GLC PLC
No. of Actuators Supportable 1 unit
No. of Measuring Instrument Analog Inputs - - 2 points (supportable)
No. of Measuring Instrument (Contact) Inputs - - 4 points (supportable)
Network - Not available
Emergency Stop Push-button type (red)
Display/Operation Equipment Push button Touch-panel color LCD Combination display, push button
(5.7-inch STN)
Operating Temperature -5~40°C
Remote Output - Contact output × 9 points Contact output × 15 points
External Wiring
(Power/Control Wire) Inlet
2-PF1 3-PF1 (diameter 34)
Touch Panel Availability - - Available
Outline Dimensions (Including Shield Plate) H621.5×W390×D650(Shield Plate付)
Control Panel Power Consumption MA×400W(Design value) MA×600W(Design value)
Applicable Type LTKD MD-05 or more,LPM LTKD MD-05 or more,LEC,LPM
Electric Motor Output 2.2 kw or less (200 VAC class)
Mass(kg) 40 80

*The dimensions and shape are subject to slight change without notice.