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Electric Auto Return Type SRH

Small Valve Actuator, Rotatable by 90 Degrees, with Lightweight and Compact Structure, and Ease of Handling This is a small rotary-type valve actuator rotatable by 90 degrees, which is used to control such fluid as water and air. It has a wide range of applications, such as air conditioning of a building, a local heating and cooling system, and a production system.

Electric Auto Return Type SRH


  • Aluminum alloy and engineering plastics are used for the main body and the cover respectively, and a combination of worn gear and spur gear has made the whole compact.
  • The terminal room is separate from the switch section and has a large wiring space; therefore, leads can be led from the outside easily.


Type SRH-007 SRH-020 SRH-060
Maximum Output Torque(N・m) 70 200 600
Opening/Closing Time(sec/90°)50/60Hz 12/10 24/20 12/10 24/20 18/15 36/30
Power Supply(v) Single-phase 100/110 200/220
Motor Output(W) 10 40 100
Thermal Class E
Thermal Protector Incorporated
Space Heater 8W
Microswitch Contact Capacity AC250V 5A
Lead Inlet 2-G1/2
Ambient Temperature -10°~50℃
Protection Structure IP55/JPW55
(Outdoor waterproof structure)
Terminal Screw size
Mass(kg) 4 8 15

Reference Connecting Diagram

Reference Connecting Diagram

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