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Electric Auto Return Type SRJ

Small Electric Actuator, Rotatable by 90 Degrees, with Lightweight Structure, Ease of Handling, and Complete Waterproofness

This is a small rotary-type valve actuator rotatable by 90 degrees, which is used to control such fluid as water, air, and gas. It has a wide range of applications, such as air conditioning of a building, a local heating and cooling system, a production system, and various kinds of plants, and is serving a wide range of useful features, such as labor savings and automation, as a pioneer.

Electric Auto Return Type SRH


  • It is equipped with a waterproof terminal room, and has submersible IP68 structure.
  • Abundant options, such as a travel transmitter, an R/I converter, and a proportional control, are available.
  • Ex (Explosionproof) structure is available.


Standard Type

Type SRJ-010 SRJ-020 SRJ-060 SRJ-1 SRJ-2
Maximum Output Torque
125 250 600 1000 2000
Opening/Closing Time
9/7.5 18/15 18/15 36/30 18/15 36/30 18/15 36/30 36/30 72/60
Allowable Valve Rod Diameter
28 28 42 60 60
Motor Output(W) 40 40 100 200 200
Power-Supply Voltage
Single-phase100/110,200/220 Three-phase200/220,400/440


Class B
Brake Permanent brake included
Thermal protector Motor incorporated
Position Limit Switch Microswitch RLS(1a1b),LLS(1a1b)
Torque Switch Microswitch RTS(1a1b),LTS(1a1b)
Manual Operation Auto return type, with a handle
Vibration Conditions Frequency: 40 Hz or less, Vibration: 1 G or less (if optional electrical equipment is included, 0.5 or less in the electrical equipment section) In any case, it is not available under prolonged continuous vibrations. For vibration
Design Life Under the load of a valve, 10,000 times of opening and closing, and 500,000 times of startups.
No. of Terminals Motor (M4-3P), For control (M4-32P)
Lead Inlet 3-G1
Pressure-Resistant Explosionproof Type Exd II BT4(Option) Exd II BT4(Option)
(Not available for Seitroller)
Coating Standard color coating (Munsell N8)
Ambient Temperature -10~50°C
Space Heater Included (PTC thermistor)
Protection Structure IP68
Mass(kg) 13 13 18 40 40

Electronic Control Equipment

  • Seitroller
    This receives a DC continuous signal from the controller etc. and makes it undergone comparison/amplification with valve travel (feedback potentiometer) to proportionally-control a valve. (The Seimitter function is also included.) (Only the single-phase power supply is acceptable.)
  • Seimitter
    This converts a valve travel signal (a change in the resistance of potentiometer) into a DC continuous signal (4 to 20 mA DC) to indicate the travel.

Electronic Control Equipment

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