Product Information

LKM Series

Electric Bending Pin-Rack-Type Gate Actuator
This is an actuator applicable to the sluice equipment that is in harmony with its surrounding scenery, without projection of any rack bar from the sluice control room. When a gate is operated in the closing direction, it can be pushed down.


  • Space-Saving Installation Building
    Since the pin rack is bent and housed, it is not necessary to make the building higher.
  • Compliance
    Compliant with Dam & Weir Equipment Engineering Standards (Draft)
    Compliant with Hydraulic Gate and Penstock Engineering Standards
  • Function
    Easy operation because electric/manual switching is unnecessary
    Descent-under-self-weight function included
    Safety device included (Self-locking & Overload prevention)
    Tamper-resistant locking device included
    A control panel integral with the actuator can be attached.

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