Product Information

LPH Series

Manual Pin-Rack-Type Gate Actuator
This is an actuator that has infinitely pursued the operability in manual operation contradictory to the safety and reliability regarded as important. It has all the functions required for the manual operating machine in rivers, such as a function to stop a descent-under-self-weight on the way and a manual overload protection device.

LPH Series


  • Compliance
    Compliant with Dam & Weir Equipment Engineering Standards (Draft)
    Compliant with Hydraulic Gate and Penstock Engineering Standards
  • Function
    Safety device included (Self-locking & Overload prevention)
    Tamper-resistant locking device included
  • Operation
    Open/Close switching unnecessary


Driving Count Independent Type Ganged Type
Open/Close Capability(kN) 10 20 30 20 30 40
Open/Close Speed (cm/30rev) 34.9 17.0 11.4 17.0 11.4 11.4
Descending Force(kN) 10 to 70% of open/close capability
Descent-Under-Self-Weight Speed(m/min) 1 to 4 (Varying with descending force)
Manual Operation Force(N) 100 or less
Rack Bar Buckling Limit(cm) 248 403 477 248 466 406
Ambient Temperature(°C) -10 ~ +50 (However, descent-under-self-weight excluded)
Protection Structure Outdoor type IP55(JIS C9020 IEC529)
Main Body Mass(kg) 190 245 305 305 405 415

*The dimensions and shape are subject to slight change without notice.

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