Product Information

LPS Series

Manual Pin-Rack-Type Gate Actuator
This is a manual actuator for small sluice, to which the submersible type IP67 that is simple but can be installed in any environment is optionally available. It has a compact design and also a stable self-locking function. Moreover, it is delivered quickly and priced reasonably.

LPS Series


  • Lightweight/Compact/Low-cost
  • Simple structure
  • The submersible type is also available (optionally).


Driving Count
Independent Type Ganged Type
Model LPS-06S LPS-1S LPS-06W LPS-1W
Open/Close Capability(KN) 6 12 6 12
Manual Operation Force(N) 100 or less
Open/Close Speed (cm/30rev) 15.2 7.1 15.2 7.1
Rack Bar Buckling Limit(cm) 207 237 293 336
Ambient Temperature(°C) -10 ~ +50
Protection Structure Outdoor type IP55(JIS C9020 IEC529)
Main Body Mass(kg) 15 45 25 75

*The dimensions and shape are subject to slight change without notice.