Product Information

LRH-ED Series

Manual Wire-Drum-Type Gate Actuator
This is a manual actuator for tumble gate.

LRH-ED Series


  • High Efficiency
    Energy-saving design providing light handling and speedy opening/closing
  • Easy Operation
    Turning the handle to the left/right allows opening/closing.
    Stopping the handle activates the screw brake for self-locking in that position.
    Descent-under-self-weight (gate tumbling) function by manual operation included
    Automatic descent-under-self-weight (gate tumbling) function by float (included as standard) included
  • Tamper-Resistant Cover Included
    A cover is attached to the reducer section, which can be locked.


Open/Close Capability(kN) 5 10 20 30
Descending Force(kN) 0.5~5 1~10 2~20 3~30
Descent-Under-Self-Weight Speed(m/min) 8 or less (Varying with descending force)
Drum P.C.D(mm) 163 242 321 400
Wire Rope Diameter(mm) 8 12 16 20
Stroke(MAX.m) 1.5 2 2.5 3
Manual Operation Force(N) 100 or less
Windup Count (per 1 m) 64 133 255 400
Handle Rotating Direction Turning to the right triggers winding up.
Ambient Temperature (°C) -10~+50 (However, descent-under-self-weight excluded)
Protection Structure Outdoor type (IP55)
Main Body Mass (kg) 110 180 300 350

*The dimensions and shape are subject to slight change without notice.

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