The top of MA Series Super MMA SERIES

Seibu successfully developed the world's first CNC Wire Electrical Discharge Machine(W-EDM) in 1972.
Then, we released new model M series of high-speed, high-precision wire EDM and MM series with improved static accuracy in 2003,
then released ultra-precision wire EDM “MP250S” in 2005.In 2009, UltraMMB was born as more sophisticated ultra-precision model.
Pitch accuracy of 2μm can be consistently achieved with UltraMMB that has traditional scraping technique “KISAGE”.
We are sure our customers will be very satisfied with UltraMMB by the marvelous cost-benefit performance.



Cutting accuracy beyond MM series

pitch accuracy

Pitch cutting accuracy beyond MM series has been realized.

Workpiece material:SKD-11
Number of cuts:5 times
Wire diameter:φ0.2mm
Surface roughness:Ra0.21µm /Rz1.76µm
3D measuring instrument:ZEISS

pitch accuracy

In the pitch cutting with the above stroke, we accomplished the accuracy of 1.4μm of error range for X axis and 1.2μm of error range for Y axis.
Tremendous “Ultra high-precision cutting” has been realized.
The most reliable AWF and the best pitch accuracy and shape accuracy will be
a great help in the improvement of quality and productivity for customers.

Can meet ultra-precision metal mold!
Operator can do cutting such as progressive plate cutting with confidence by use of the world’s top-class AWF.

X-axis error,Y-axis error

Available for automatic wire feeding of φ0.05 wire! (The performance is more than 90%!)

φ0.05 wire that is absolutely necessary for ultra-precision and microfabrication became available in UltraMMB.
Human hair is 80μm~100μm, but it is possible to feed thinner wire of 50μm to the start hole of 80μm.
One UltraMM machine can support users in various fields not only in ultra-precision cutting but small size precision parts cutting as well.


Max. workpiece dimensions W×D×H 800×650×200mm
Max.workpiece weight 800kg
Axis travel range X×Y×Z 500×350×260mm
Wire diameter φ0.05mm to 0.3mm dia.(φ0.2mm dia,is standard.)
Automatic wire feeding device AWF-4 Equipped as standard
U-V axis travel U×V ±60×±60mm
Max.taper angle ±10°
(250mm work thickness)(±45°/40mm:option)
Dimensions W×D×H 1,875×1,930×2,070mm
Weight 3,400kg

*Max.submerged cutting depth is 250mm. Flush cutting available for work 200 to 250mm high.

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