DIO system corresponds to machining center

Transportation system which can maximize productivity of machining plants

A automatic transport system, which transport work pallets to machining center automatically.
Top delivery records among the industry
Maximize operation of machining center ,realize labor saving.

DIO system corresponds to machining center


  • Delivery records with each machine makers
    DIO system Features
  • Many machine pallets delivery records (corresponds to special forks)
    DIO system Features
  • Corresponding to all kinds of needs of set-up station which do  work removal and installation operation ,
    such as  rotation function ,tilt function, washing function .
    DIO system Features
  • Management computer CELL-DIO which has outstanding facility is installedDIO system Features
  • Thorough security measures and cutting oil measures

  • Cart delivery can be supplied in building which has low effective height

  • Records such as simultaneous transportation and storage with wooden pallets carrying the material can be provided.

    DIO system Features