Explosion proof stack crane

AS/RS for dangerous objects warehouse
After delivered the first explosion proof stack crane in 1967,Seibu has abundant delivery records.
  • Explosion proof stack crane
  • Explosion proof stack crane


  • Using pressure‐resistant and explosion proof motor or explosion proof text accepted products.
  • Installed control board on sites with no danger.
  • Standard installation of pallets falling proof guide.
  • Thorough measures to prevent intruder from entering into danger areas.


Corresponding to cargos with various shapes ,sizes ,weight. About specifications of the equipments,please contact with our sales divisions.

Recommended industries ,scales and so on.

If the automated warehouse is with developed explosion proof test and conformity components, it’s possible to realize three-dimensional storage of dangerous cargos.
Offering optimal storage ,storage and storage and retrieval system by choosing devices which are suitable to various cargo shapes such as pallet stowage ,drum, 18liters drum ,cardboard cargos.