Bucket feed system

[smart] [speedy] [silent] ,requiring comfortable space by using these 3S,

AS/RS system with standardized pallets and rack for container storage, monorail stack ,controller ,storage and retrieval station and excellent cost performance.

Bucket feed system


  • Standardized rack ,monorail stack, onboard control panel, controller ,storage and retrieval station.
  • Providing low noise design which put emphasis on work environments ,by DC brake and weight reduction
  • Using belt driving on hoisting devices to realize high speed and low noise.
  • When enter to danger areas ,all operations will be stopped through double security functions, Furthermore, thorough security measures also provided by remote control


Bucket feed system is an AS/RS system with standardized rack, monorail stack, S/R machine control panel, onboard control panel, fixed board and excellent cost performance.
By standardization, duration from introduction to operation can be sharply shortened.

Bucket feed system Specifications

specifications single fork type twin fork type
type BS-5B BS-10B BS-15B BS-10BT BS-15BT
cargo shapes and sizes 350~700(W)×300~500(L)
rated load
(including  weight such as containers)
50kg 50kg×2
total height under5m under10m under15m under10m under15m
travelling speed
(inverter control)
hoisting speed
(inverter control)
fork speed
(inverter control)
Primary side electricity 5~8KVA

*Even if your request exceeds the specifications above. Please contact us.