Flow palletizer

The equipment which can mixed palletize products with different quality in a high speed 3000 case/h ,is flow palletizer . It’s possible to palletize in any order meeting the purpose.

Flow palletizerFlow palletizer


  • It’s possible to realize 3000 case/h high speed mixed palletizing.
  • It’s possible to realize horizontal and vertical high speed palletizing of bottles, shrink products, case without upper lid, plastic case which are considered to be very difficult.

  • Palletizers for shipping system play an important role in multi-species manufacturing  factories or logistics centers and so on


■towage pattern


■specifications of flow palletizers.

stowage load shapes and sizes 1100W×900L×1500H
Case size dealing with Maximum  300W×400L×200H
hoisting speed 21m/min
travelling speed 25m/min
stowage capacity (individual equipment) maximum 3000 case/hour

*Even if your request exceeds the specifications above. Please contact us.