EE sorter

Sorter(sorting equipment) using new mechanism right-angle conversion

Because of the right angle branches ,the setting pitch between sorters got narrower .(space 2/3〜1/2­)
The branched cased will be stored high-density on vertical short direction, (space 1/2) because of the synergy effect, 1/3〜1/4 of the traditional sorter setting area  has been saved.

It’s possible to realize high speed sorting with branch capacity of 3000 cases /h
Furthermore ,for silent environment ,the noise is suppressed to 70dB or less .
Even cardboard boxes with different sizes mixed together can be center aligned by right angle conversion, so stable storage can be realized .
It’s optimal choice for sorting sites with narrow installation space or sorting or sites where high-speed sorting is necessary .

EE sorter


  • right angle conversion

  • 1/3〜1/4 of the traditional sorter installation area  has been saved

  • Branch capacity of 3000 cases/h

  • noise under 70dB

  • center aligned right angle conversion