Face picker

reasonable high speed de-palletizers.

carton cases which are loaded on the pallets will be grasped on four sides ,so no matter using what kinds of stowage patterns ,de-palletizers will de-palletize them softly without dropout in high speed.

  • Face picker
  • Face picker


  • it’s possible to de-palletize load in a high peed which can be 3000cases/h.
  • It can also be used as palletizers.
  • It is possible to mixed palletize multi-species products on layer level(one layer of cargos)
  • option with rope cutting equipments


■specifications of face picker

  standard high-speed
standard load shape and size 1100W×1100L×1500H

de-palletize pattern

Layer level(one layer of cargos)
four-sides grasping pattern
grasping capacity Max200kg/side

lifter speed

face picker travelling 20m/min 36m/min
de-palletize capacity * 1000cs/hour 3000cs/hour

*the capacity may change due to the number of stowage layers and level numbers to be de-palletized.
*Even if your request exceeds the specifications above. Please contact us.