Seibu will be the Best Solution Partner for Valve Control, and contribute to creat sustanable future.

"Seibu has No.1 share in Japanese market. For more than half century, we have continued to provide valve actuators and gate drivers which play an important role to guide water, electricity, gas, oil, and other energy sources essential to our life."


In recent years, we have taken up challenges in new fields by proposing system solutions that meet customer needs and demands.
Seibu provides the Valve Control System Solution to solve any market needs and to support any customer demands.

  • Support safer and more efficient work condition by automation.
  • Support preventive maintenance by visualization of valve status and self-diagnosis function.
  • Support Internet of Things, Factory Automation, Smart mainentance
  • Support environmetal protection activity leading to Sastainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Solution proporsal such as :

  • Network Control System (Profibus, Modbus)
  • Wireless Control System
  • Self-diagnosis Function
  • Emergency Back-up System
  • Smart Actuator

Emergency shutoff gate system and valve actuator control systems with Profibus communication enable total system cost reduction by simplifing on-site operation panel and reducing cable wiring work.

Also possible to propose any other solutions based on customer request.
Please Contact us if you have any specific request.

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