Seibu will be the Best Solution Partner for Valve Contro, and contribute to creat sustanable future.

In recent years, we have taken up challenges in new fields by proposing system solutions that meet customer needs and demands. Seibu provides the Valve Control System Solution to solve any market needs and to support any customer demands.

  • Support safer and more efficient work condition by automation.
  • Support preventive maintenance by visualization of valve status and self-diagnosis function.
  • Support Internet of Things, Factory Automation, Smart mainentance
  • Support environmetal protection activity leading to Sastainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Fieldbus Communication

Many fieldbus systems are used as a degital communication tool to enables effective control of plant operation. It is a standard for exchanging signals between field device operating in plants (measuring or operating instruments) and controllers using digital communication. Degital communication with field device gives functional advantage such as high speed, reliability, and easy engineering.

Profibus-DP system

Profibus network is widely used as a plant automation technology with its high speed degital data communiation. Actuators are connected with Daisy-chain method (directly connect device to device.)

Redundant line, available as an option, makes quick recovery and safe operation possible by switching main to sub line and avoid hazardous impact on plant operation by any damage on cable.

Up to 125 units can be installed in one communication loop.

Modbus-RTU system

Modbus is another widely used simple degital network instead of 4-20mA analogue signal.

Because of the simple communication protocol, it is not suitable for large-capacity data communication, but cost is less. Computer and gateway is mainly necessary and GSD file is not required.

Redundant line, available as an option, makes quick recovery and safe operation possible by switching main to sub line and avoid hazardous impact on plant operation by any damage on cable.

Self-diagnosis function

1. Torque Value (Normal/Maximum)

  • Detect Valve deterioration (Compare with initial value)
  • Warning of foreign object in the valve (Abnormal torque)
  • Detect available Max. torque value (Life warning)

2. Number of operation (Operation of each Open/Close)

  • Life prediction of sliding and sealing parts (Life warning)
  • Warning the life of motor reversing device (Life warning)
Wireless Communication

A variety of wireless communication network offers a solution to satisfy any demands of remote monitoring and operation of gates and valves, and another solution for safer and effective plant operation.

It is possible to operate and monitor the condition of valves by mobile device like smart phone or tablet. In addition to wireless control, automatic system control is possible by linking various sensors. Collective control with related equipment enables significant improvement in work efficiency.

Especially, workers safety will be guaranteed with wireless network in case of any emergency such as earthquake, Tsunami, and fire. Whereever you are, it gives immediate access to monitor actuator or valve status remotely and teke necessary operation from safe place.

Please ask for available systems and details.

Smart AI-PID control

Smart AI-PID control would be another key factor to develop automatic control on field device, and provide factory automation system for more effective and safer plant operation.

The actuators with AI-PID communicate and enable to operate valve open/close on its own without any time loss by skipping interaction with host control system.In case of an unexpected accident or failure in the field, actuator controlles valve automatically even without operator.
*It is also possible to link with host control system to monitor and opearate.

By redundant operation due to device-to-device communication between main and sub actuator, sub valve is controlled to support the main without any time loss. This first aid operation will help to minimize the spread of damage, and allow to continue operations safely until the on-site repairs are complete.

Please ask for available systems and details.

Emergency Buttery Back up System

In recent years, natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, and earthquakes have been increasing worldwide, and the damage has been enormous. In particular, large-scale power outages (blackouts) are major social problems that are directly linked to the lives of residents. Countermeasures are being taken to minimize hazardous damages such as chemical substance spills, oil spills, sewage backflows, equipment fires and explosions occur.

In order to prevent the spread of damages of such a disaster, we have developed a Seibu Battery-backup System installed in actuator so that the valve can be driven even during a blackout. With this system, emergency action can be preset, and the valve can be operated when there is no power supply to ensure

  • Automatically detects the occurrence of blackout
  • Uninterrupted switching to battery power
  • Battery-powered preset action (Full Open / Full Close, Intermidiate position)
  • When power is restored, it automatically returns to original position.

Please ask for available systems and details.

V-CON (Separate Control Unit)

Valves are often used in harsh environments for human operation and installation of electronic components such as vibration, high temperature, high places, narrow places, etc.

We have developed a V-CON system that can separate the effective control unit and install it in a safe area even valve is located in such a harsh environment. This protects the control unit from a harsh environment and enables easy on-site operation in a safer place.

Cable to connect mechanical and control part is available in the required length upon request. The maximum cable length is about 100 m.

This separate unit is available for Semflex-VMM(VM) and SRJ(VP).

V-CON (Separate Control Unit)

Also possible to propose any other solutions based on customer request.
Please Contact us if you have any specific request.

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