We value our customers' trust in our technology and quality.

COMPANY PROFILE Seibu Electric was established in 1927 by taking over the operations of the Kyushu Factory of Toho Electric, which served as a repair factory for Toho Electric (currently Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.). Starting out in the repair and manufacture of electrical devices and electric meters, we restructured into our current organization in 1939, and in June 1945, we moved our headquarters to its current location in Koga city. Since then, we have overcome numerous obstacles, and through tireless dedication to product development and improvement, we have expanded our operations from the manufacturing of coal mine electrical machinery to our diverse product lineups today.

In 1986, we adopted our current company name and became listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange. In addition, we joined the Osaka Securities Exchange in 1991 and the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2006.

Our products contribute to higher productivity, streamlined logistics, higher efficiency, energy-savings, and automation in a wide array of fields, including automobiles, electrical equipment, precision machines, dies, petrochemistry, foodstuffs, civil engineering and construction, shipbuilding, and more, enabling us to develop a loyal customer base in Japan and abroad. Through cutting-edge technology and unrivaled quality, we will continue to build greater trust with our customers.

About Us

As of March 31,2024

Corporate Name
Seibu Electric & Machinery Co.,Ltd.
3-3-1 Eki-Higashi, Koga, Fukuoka, Japan 811-3193
TEL +81-92-941-1500 FAX +81-92-941-1511
February 1939 (Founded: 1927)
565 (Consolidated: 620)
Headquarters and Factory Site Area
Total Number of Authorized Stocks
Number of Issued Stocks
Number of Stockholders

Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors

Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members(As of June 27, 2024)

President Kouichi Saisyo
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer Toshiya Goto
Director, Managing Executive Officer Naruo Sato
Director, Managing Executive Officer Yasuhiko Mizota
External Director Shinya Baba
External Director Toshihito Fukuda
Standing Auditor Hisayoshi Sakaki
External Auditor Takenori Ootsuka
External Auditor Hiroyuki Kishikawa

Executive Officers(Excluding Directors and Companies)(As of June 27, 2024)

Senior Executive Officer Kohei Murakami
Senior Executive Officer Kazuhiro Matsushita
Executive Officer Koki Shingai
Executive Officer Junji Matsumoto
Executive Officer Tetsuya Yanase

Main Banks

MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Fukuoka
The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Kitakyushu Bank, Ltd.

Associated Companies

  • Seiden Kousan Co., Ltd.
    Sales of parts for machines and equipment and elevated parking garage equipment, operation of parking lots, operation as insurance agency, etc.
  • Seibu Hitec Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture and sale of heavy duty face lathes
  • Seibu Paint Co., Ltd.
    Painting of parts and products