Founded in 1927 as Seibu Electric. Each path is creating a new future.

Showa era

1927Established as Seibu Electric and took over operations at the site of the Kyushu Factory of Toho Electric (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city), which was an electric machinery factory of Toho Electric (currently Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.). Started Manufacture and repair of electrical machinery and devices (transformers, motors, generators) and electric meters. Photo
1939Reorganized as Seibu Electric MFG. Co., Ltd. (capital: ¥180,000).
1942Moved electric equipment factory to Koga city in Fukuoka prefecture for increasing production of electric equipment for mining.
1945Moved company headquarters and factory and all other facilities to Koga city in Fukuoka prefecture.
1953 Due to the downturn in the coal industry, focused efforts on developing new models to diversify out of electric equipment for mining. A light loader was developed.
1954 Started production of motor blocks and valve controllers.
1957Completed valve controller mass-production factory.
1959 Started production of machine tools (lathes) by adopting modification unit manufacturing technology, which was originally used for improving the performance of machine tools in company equipment.
1962Developed die sinking EDM and established large-scale machine tool factory.
1966Developed automated warehousing system (monorail stacker crane).
1972Developed the world’s first CNC wire cut EDM.
1973Established Seiden Kosan Co., Ltd. for utilizing idle assets and operating and managing welfare facilities.
1976Developed high-precision, compact NC lathe.
1982Developed FMS Seibu DIO (Direct Input Output) System®.
1983Developed NC EDM.
Developed high-speed order picking system.
Developed the world’s first NC lead lathe.
1986Changed the corporate name to Seibu Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
Listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange (capital: ¥1,033,000,000).
1987Established new Tokyo Service Center in Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture.


Heisei era

1990Established office for design (with cafeteria). Photo
1991Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange (capital: ¥2,658,400,000).
1995Developed high-speed auto wire feeding device (AWF-3) for EDM.
Established Seibu Techno Service Inc. (currently Seibu Hitec Co., Ltd.) to more effectively use our skills in parts machining for Seibu products.
2002Developed high-speed sorting equipment, EE sorter and roll-in/roll-out case automated warehousing system (RIO-S).
2003Developed pin-rack gate actuator (manual/automatic).
Developed submerged type wire EDMs (M500S, M350S, M750S)
2004Developed accumulation system by stack tray.
2005Developed automated warehousing system for libraries.
Developed Semflex® V series and Semflex® LP series.
2006Developed high-precision free-form grinding machine (SFG-28).
Established Seibu Paint Co., Ltd. for conducting the painting operations of Seibu products.
Developed ultra-high-precision wire EDM (MP250S).
Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2007Built new headquarters building and new factory.
2009Developed assort boomerang system.
Developed automated system for vault filled with urns.
Developed large-size chain gate driver.
Developed high-precision wire EDM (MM750S).
2010Developed Semflex® A series.
Developed ultra-high-precision wire EDM (SuperMM50A).
2012Formed business/capital alliance with Toyota Industries Corporation for Distribution Equipment Business.
Developed multi-sorting RIO system.
Developed oil-type wire EDM (M25LP).
2013Developed horizontal floodwall gate actuator (Suikouden® HPM series).
2014Developed robot picking and sorting system.
Developed ultra-high-precision wire EDM (UltraMM50B).
2015Developed swing gate actuator (HGM series).
Built new multi-purpose factory.
2016Developed oil-type, ultra-high-precision wire EDM (MEX15).
2017Developed electric valve control for escort vessels.
MEX15 received the "Monozukuri Award from the Japan Society for Precision Engineering".
2018Started valve control stock sales in Thailand.
Started supplying cranes to Toyota Industries Corporation as an OEM supplier.


Reiwa era

2019 Developed fine picker C and cart case loader. Photo
2020 Acquired ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system.
Developed high-precision, large wire EDM (SuperMM80B).