Seibu Electric was established in 1927 by taking over the operations of the Kyushu Factory of Toho Electric, which served as a repair factory for Toho Electric (currently Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.). Starting out in the repair and manufacture of electrical devices and electric meters, we restructured into our current organization in 1939, and in June 1945, we moved our headquarters to its current location in Koga city. Since then, we have overcome numerous obstacles, and through tireless dedication to product development and improvement, we have expanded our operations from the manufacturing of coal mine electrical machinery to our diverse product lineups today.
Our products contribute to higher productivity, streamlined logistics, higher efficiency, energy-savings, and automation in a wide array of fields, including automobiles, electrical equipment, precision machines, dies, petrochemistry, foodstuffs, civil engineering and construction, shipbuilding, and more, enabling us to develop a loyal customer base in Japan and abroad. Through cutting-edge technology and unrivaled quality, we will continue to build greater trust with our customers.

Distribution Equipment Business

Providing the Best Solutions for Logistics

We believe that there is a unique solution for each customer. This is what drives us to propose and build an optimal logistics solution that is custom-tailored for each customer.
We are logistics professionals who first learn about the needs of our customers, analyze their problems, and then use our combined hardware and software technology to create space in any desired size or shape.

Distribution Equipment Business
Main Products
Automated warehousing systems
Factory automation systems
Automatic case picking systems
Piece picking systems
Conveyor and handling systems

Industrial Machine Division, Industrial Machine Business

Controlling the Valves of the World

For a half century, we have continued to provide the valve actuators and gate drivers that play an important role in guiding the water, electricity, gas, oil, and other energy sources that are essential in our lives, and we have largest market share in Japan. In recent years, we have taken up challenges in new fields by proposing system solutions that meet customer needs in response to demand for new installations and updates.

Industrial Machine Division, Industrial Machine Business
Main Products
Valve actuators
Gate actuators

Precision Machine Division, Industrial Machine Business

Pursuit of Precision and Accuracy and the Ultimate in High Precision

In the Precision Machine Division, we are conducting production with the same attention to detail as handmade products, which have features unachievable in mass production.
This devotion has enabled us to develop machines capable of maintaining high precision over long periods of time. We have utilized our exclusive Seibu technology to develop wire EDMs that have earned a solid reputation for their pitch cutting accuracy, NC lathes capable of machining small precision parts, and grinding machines capable of free-form machining for providing customers with products that meet their accuracy and precision needs.

Precision Machine Division, Industrial Machine Business
Main Products
Ultra-precision and high-precision wire EDMs
High-precision, compact NC lathes
High-precision free-form grinding machines