Seibu Electric & Machinery Environmental Policy Seibu Electric & Machinery Environmental Policy

Seibu Electric & Machinery makes wide contributions to the society by providing mechatronics products through application of environmentally sound technology. While improving the global environment has become an important issue common to the world today, our company is also making efforts in various fields of our corporate activities to preserve the environment.
With “Seibu Electric & Machinery coexisting with nature” as the objective, we will remain committed to improving the environment both actively and continuously.

Environmental Slogan Environmental Slogan

“Preserve our rich nature for the future”

Basic Policy Basic Policy

Seibu Electric & Machinery will continuously promote the conservation and improvement of the global environment through application of environmentally sound technology, as well as eco-friendly corporate activities and actions from our employees.

Guidelines Guidelines

  1. Understand the impact on the environment by our business activities, and work towards continuous improvement on environmental protection and prevention of pollution.
  2. Develop and implement “embodiment measures” to make further progress on environmental conservation while complying with related legislative requirements, regulations and regional agreements.
  3. Reduce energy consumption, especially the use of electricity, for the prevention of global warming.
  4. Reduce waste and conduct sorted collection, and promote recycling and reuse to utilize resources.
  5. Promote product development in an eco-friendly manner through energy saving and reduction of size, weight, and the number of components in our products.
  6. Conduct thorough management of chemical substances to prevent environmental pollution caused by emissions and spills.
  7. Promote “Green Purchasing” with eco-friendly materials and equipment.
  8. Train employees on environmental protection and raise awareness on environmental conservation.
  9. Be responsible for environmental conservation as a member of the global community, and contribute to making a safe, comfortable society.